Aims & Objectives of the Society (Purpose):

Our Vision….

Carmel Pentecostal Assembly of God, Hamilton is learning and caring organization managed by committed members, Believers, staff and volunteers, supported by compassionate and generous donors and partners, working together with its beneficiaries towards providing an enabling environment where all stakeholders achieve their highest potential.

Our Mission….

To improve the quality of life of the marginalized sectors of society by partnering with individuals, groups and institutions into addressing common humanitarian concern; and by providing a venue where everyone can contribute their resources for relevant and responsive programs.

Our Objectives...

  • To render financial assistance to the weaker sections of the society and to provide community services including medical relief to the sickly and the disabled.
  • To organise medical awareness camp for elderly like cancer patients, and assistance team for free pickup drop off, free shuttle van, Transportation and grocery shopping requests.
  • To Broadcast Christian educational programmes on Television & Radio, News media like newsletter & newspapers, Magazines & online news. Arrange World Mission trips, and to provide voluntary staff to Hospitals, Rest Homes and public places, school bus service, city bus service, Medical staffs help desk, Road safety and providing Mobil speed camera operating whole New Zealand, providing driving training centres."
  • Providing Music training centres & Worship training centres.
  • Indoor & Outdoor stadiums, Convention centres.
  • Gospel Convention Festivals, Crusades Events, International Conferences & Meetings.
  • To support Jail Ministry and counselling, Prayer & chaplaincy service for Man & Woman & Youth, caring for the intellectually disabled, discharged prisoners, or alcoholics.
  • To support for Free clinics, providing accommodation for elderly people, patients' relatives, staff at hospitals and emergency shelters, Ambulance services.
  • Providing Hostel for women's & men's and students , catering service for hostels & Christian programmes (like conference ,convention, festivals, meals on wheels).
  • To support Home based kids care centre, caring for the infirm, blind, war veterans, or disabled.
  • Providing Pre-marriage course for couples & Partners & new family's, Counselling for families and singles.
  • To establish and administer educational and religious institutions like schools, colleges, worship centres, Christian books &CD shops, second-hand shops, orphanage services, Christian cultural centres, Bible training centres.
  • Providing different 10 official Indian language learning centres in New Zealand, (Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi).
  • To support & sponsoring visiting Pastors and Bible Teachers , music Teachers , Worships Leaders for visa assistance , and to teaching in Indian languages for Indian community).
  • Celebrating religious services in public.
  • Conducting foreign missionary work & Funding.
  • Providing and maintaining grounds and buildings to be used by churches or other religious organisations.
  • Maintaining cemeteries or burial grounds for a particular religion & Funeral services.
  • Providing superannuation schemes for the retirement of ministers of religion.
  • Supplying religious literature.
  • Providing religious education through Sunday schools, theological colleges, and conducting religious retreats.
  • Promoting public health (such as providing education, counselling, and rehabilitation services).
  • Providing public works and services (such as building roads, maintaining a water supply, and providing cremation or burial services).
  • Providing public amenities and recreational facilities (such as public halls, libraries, museums, statues, fountains, playing fields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, parks, and botanical gardens).
  • Protecting the environment (such as re vegetation, afforestation, and conservation).
  • Protecting human life, (such as providing emergency rescue services).
  • Preventing cruelty to, and protecting the welfare of, animals (such as providing animal shelters or sanctuaries).
  • Facilitating social rehabilitation (such as integrating people back into the community who have a disability or some form of deprivation).
  • Promoting the efficiency of the armed forces.
  • Providing education through early childhood centres, schools and universities.
  • Providing scholarships and prizes for academic achievement.
  • Founding and supporting schools, technical colleges, and universities.
  • Providing or improving sporting facilities for schools or universities.
  • Providing museums and libraries, Publications and Literacy and public Christian library's.
  • Developing the character of young people (for example some youth groups).
  • Delivering vocational training.
  • Providing employment centre and Free JOB FINDING CENTRE & HELP DESK.
  • Publishing and selling law reports.
  • Helping other needy persons or providing disaster relief,( refugee service, family service).
  • To do all other such things as the Committee Members find necessary for the due and proper fulfillment of the objective of Society.